Daniel J. Santaniello, Esq., President, Florida Defense Lawyers Association
Daniel J. Santaniello, Esq.
Florida Defense Lawyers Association

It is with great honor that I welcome you to the Florida Defense Lawyer's Association (FDLA) website.

In today's tort environment, plaintiff counsel work together seamlessly to further opportunities for litigation and their success. These times present extraordinary challenges to businesses, insurers and their insured's who are increasingly faced with expensive claims and litigation. As such, our Association is naturally evolving. My primary mission as President will be to foster greater collaboration between insurance industry professionals and defense counsel to facilitate fairness in the judicial system, greater predictability in outcomes and promote a level playing field in the litigation of civil matters.

Since 1967, the FDLA has been comprised of thousands of attorneys and industry professionals committed to primarily the defense of civil matters. In these times technology and data are transparent and at our fingertips. Together, working with like minded professionals in our industry, we collaborate and share litigation information and strategies that will foster an equitable civil system and greater consistency in outcomes. Our vision is to bring industry leaders and defense counsel together and further an alliance to level the playing field. With mutual effort we may examine evidence, share critical intelligence, and exchange strategic assessments on a wide range of substantive matters.

Some things will remain the same; a welcoming association that is family oriented, where friendships are formed and relished and an overall priority to foster the growth of our members through networking and support, quality CLE/CEU programs and publications and educational conferences.

If you are an insurance industry professional or civil defense litigator, we invite you to join us, and together make strides to improve the public's confidence in our system of justice.


Daniel J. Santaniello, Esq.
Florida Defense Lawyers Association

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2014 FDLA Annual Meeting August 7-10, 2014. Click HERE to download the 2014 FDLA Annual Meeting Brochure.

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